Eco-Friendly, High-Performance Biologic Restorative Materials
Advanced Polymer Network Suprastructure

Metal-Free Dental Restorative Material


The use of metal-free composite materials continues to increase in the medical device and dental restorative fields due to the potential benefits of reduced weight, durability, increased strength, bio-compatibility and ease of fabrication. Biofunctional’s management team’s fifty plus years’ experience in the dental restorative arena provides the necessary leadership and expertise to focus research on this important family of advanced materials.


New synthetic restorative material designs provide a full range of desirable advantages, in many cases,successfully replacing and supplanting existing materials. Biofunctional's design engineers concentrate on improving these material properties while analyzing the impact they provide vis-à-vis the stringent clinical and regulatory requirements of the medical and dental fields.


Biofunctional Materials, is registered with the DDDP division with products listed in GUDID of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. The FDA inspects manufacturer’s quality systems to 21 CFR 820 for compliance and continued operation. Biofunctional Materials Registration Number is 3015196165. Additionally, Biofunctional Materials is registered in Canada (MDEL no. 11057) and the European Union (03714310657).