Metal-Free Suprastructure Material

for Dental Restorations

Durable and Resilient

ZANTEX™ is made of a high-performance polymer matrix reinforced with a very dense network of glass fibers arranged in a three dimensional manner. It is intended to be used by dental technicians and dentists in the fabrication of substructures or frameworks that provide additional  mechanical resistance for partially or totally edentulous restorations. Although at a low density of 1.9g/cm3, ZANTEX™ exhibits both high tensile strength and high flexural andcompressive properties. Additionally, it is biocompatible, easily adjustable, requires no firing and provides an extraordinarylevel of design and fabrication freedom. Due to ZANTEX’s polymeric structure, it bonds extremelywell to most materials used in restorative dentistry. 

Computer Design

C.A.D. / C.A.M. dentistry (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) allows the design and delivery of a well-fitting, aesthetic prosthetic restoration for the patient. The combination of metal–free ZANTEX™, and this technology provides a high level of design freedom and accuracy complimented with a durable, lightweight material with a high tensile strength. Additionally, ZANTEX™ enhances the technology by providing the benefit of reducing unit cost and making affordable restorations in a highly competitive dental lab arena.

Computer to Manufacture

The Arch Form of ZANTEX™ can be modified using a laboratory hand-piece, equipped with Carborundum, Carbide or Diamond burs. The Disk (Puck) Form of ZANTEX™ (98mm ø x 17mm), is compatible with most four or five-axis dental CNC machines. Follow the CNC manufacturers pre-set milling parameters and guidelines. Both Wet Milling or Dry Milling may be employed with ZANTEX™ material in accordance with the cutting speed and drilling pressure. Diamond drills are usually preferred for optimal milling.

Framework to Prosthetic Restorative

After cutting and/or milling ZANTEX™ material it can be bonded and cemented to the final ZANTEX™ reinforcement to the prosthetic restorative abutments. ZANTEX™ Forms are compatible with various bonding agents and materials including Zirconia, Lithium Disilicate and Composite / PMMA.

Metal-Free Suprastructure Material

ARCH Form Precut for Ease of Adjustability

ZANTEX™ Material (either in ARCH or DISK Forms) exhibit clear advantages that make it an excellent nonmetallic choice for frameworks in fixed or removable implant restorations