Adavanced Polymer Network

The thousand times magnification S.E.M., below, highlights the fiber polymer network that provides Zantex’s exceptional strength and durability.
These S.E.M,’s below (ten thousand times magnification), provide a clearer visualization and emphasize the cross pattern orientation of the fibers.

ZANTEX Specifications

Proven Strength, Durability & Biocompatibility

ZANTEXMaterial (either in Arch or Disk Forms) exhibit a degree of,strength, elasticity and hardness advantages that make it an excellentnonmetallic choice for frameworks in fixed implant restorations(fixed or removable).

Material Properties:

Tensile Strength:
530 MPa
Shear Strength:
148 MPa
Flexural Strength:
650 MPa
Flexural Modulus:
20/18 GPa
Compressive Strength:
920 MPa Izod
Izod Impact Strength:
4.2/3.9 J/cm
Rockwell Hardness (M Scale):
Specific Gravity:

Biocompatibility Testing:

In Vitro Cytotoxicity:
ISO 10993-5:2009
Irritation and Skin Sensitization:
ISO 10993-10:2010
Systemic toxicity:
ISO 10993-11:2017
Chemical Characterization of Materials
ISO 10993-18;2005

Mechanical Testing:

Flexural Strength and Modulus:
ASTM D790-17
Tensile Strength:
ASTM D638-14
Shear Strength:
ASTM D732-17
Izod Impact Strength:
ASTM D256-10(2018)

Comparison of elasticity and strength of framework materials: